According to the Hindu scripture Padma Purana, Lord Brahma saw the demon Vajranabha trying to kill his children and harassing people. He immediately
slew the demon with his weapon, the lotus-flower. In this process, the lotus petals fell on the ground, creating the Pushkar Lake.

When Brahma came down to the earth, he named the place where the flower (“pushpa”) fell from Brahma’s hand (“kar”) as “Pushkar”. Brahma then decided
to perform a fire-sacrifice at Lake Pushkar. While performing the yajna, his wife Savitri could not be present at the designated time to perform the essential
part of the yajna…

Annoyed, Brahma requested god Indra- the king of heaven – to find a suitable girl for him to wed to complete the yajna. Indra could only find a milkmaid
who was sanctified by passing her through the body of a cow. Gods Vishnu, Shiva and the priests certified her purity as she had passed through a cow,
it was her second birth and she was named Gayatri. Brahma then married Gayatri and completed the yajna with his new consort sitting beside him.
But when Savitri finally arrived at the venue she found Gayatri sitting next to Brahma which was her rightful place. Agitated, she cursed Brahma that he
would be never worshipped, but then reduced the curse permitting his worship in Pushkar.

Pushkar 3
Pushkar and Lake Pushkar (view from Savitri temple)

Pushkar 5

Everything in Pushkar revolves around the lake.

Pushkar 4

Five hundred whitewashed temples encircle the lake, connected to the water by 52 ghats.

Pushkar 2
Portrait of a Teacher of the Ravanahatha, a traditional Rajasthani instrument

Pushkar 7
Holy cow

Pushkar 8
Sunset at Lake Pushkar

Pushkar 9
Lotus Flower leafes in Lake Pushkar to worship Lord Brahma

Pushkar 10
Enjoying the sunset at Lake Pushkar

Pushkar 11
Bhang Lassi in Pushkar