About me


Born in October 1982, Germany. Living in London. Photography has been a passion for over 10 years and is mainly devoted to
documentary photography – including street, portrait and landscape. I studied literature and linguistics and combined it with
my passion for photography to make statements about the combination of both of them. The results can be found in the book
that I mention below.


Photography Exhibitions:
“Street Life” – Mannheim, 2006
“Stolpersteine” – Frankfurt, 2008
“Kaiserhofstrasse 12” – Frankfurt, 2009


The photography in W.G. Sebald’s Oeuvre. In: Frankfurter Culture- and Language Studies  (ISBN 978-3-631-61203-3)

What’s in my bag:

Fujifilm x-t1
Fujinon XF Lens – 35 mm – F/1.4
Fujinon XF Lens – 23 mm – F/1.4
Fujinon XF Lens – 18-55 mm f/2.8-4 IS